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Brno je malé a tak se postupem času stane, že začnete znát ty správné lidi a díky tomu se dozvíte o těch správných akcích.

Příkladem, budiž cestovatelský festival NaDivoko

Koukněte se, co se tam dělo a přijďte se podívat na další ročník. Stojí to za to…

Fire ReCircus

I just love Katartina, she’s kinda crazy and a perfectionist in what she does.

She asked me to take photos of her and a her friends from ReCircus so they can use them on their new website and for their promotion.

Why not, I thought, there is always some fun with fire… well, she didn’t say that the shooting is for four people with 3 costume sets and plenty of fire toys 😀

We spent 6 hours in a flooded quarry close to Brno, burnt a few liters of kerosene and had a lot of fun.

Here, you can see some of the results:



Summer time in a flooded quarry.

We were talking about photos in a water for at least two years until we finally made it happen…

I am already looking for the next shooting with her 🙂

30 crazy things while under 30

What is this about?

Well I am turning 30 soon and I wanted to do something crazy before that… step out of my comfort zone a little bit. So I asked my friends to make a list of interesting/crazy things I should do…


It seems the first thing should have been „get new friends“ 😀

But hey, experience doesn’t have to be good it’s enough if it’s intensive.


I am not going to do everything on the list, something is just plain stupid, something is not possible to manage before my 30th birthday and something is against all my principles 🙂

When you are here, add something to the list. I will try to create a video from all the accomplishments.


You can join me in doing crazy stuff while under 30 (#crazy30under30) if you dare 🙂


30 crazy things to do while under 30 years old
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Lenka and Lera

Hey, Matess could you take few photos of a statue?

Well, I could, but I wasn’t really keen on doing that as I thought it would be boring… Oh, man! How wrong I was 🙂

Lera is alive, full of positive energy and even though she can do just one pose the camera love her. Coupled with Lenka’s good mood I enjoyed the evening so much. Thank you!

If you want to read more about Lenka, visit her blog Lenka Liska and if you are more interested in Lera go to Sochy od Marka where you can see more of these masterpieces. Or find them on Facebook and let them know you love what they do.

Jewellery and Joy

I like trying new things so I was eager to try product photography with my friend Míša. You can check her work at her new webpage or on her FB page.

For the first set I used just a plain white background and flashes in my apartment. Honestly, it’s not the best product photography I’ve ever seen, but compares to the pictures you normally take to document your work…

The second set was more about portraits and the necklaces were used just as props.

If you or someone you know need photos of their work (jewellery etc.) let me know via e-mail, there is always a possibility of TFP if the idea is good)

Flash and Flour

You know those times when you are bored, sitting in your appartment and doing nothing? It happened to me once, so I wrote different people if they are doing anything interesting… it turned out there were some, drinking few blocks from my place. How is it connected with the photos below? The model was the friend I was meeting that night and we finally agreed on photoshooting (after a year btw.). The very next day we went with her and her friend (a free assistant, hell yeah :-D) to a remote part of Brno where we could make mess with flour and we were shooting until the cold stopped us.

PS: I’ve learned two things:

  • You should check and prepare your equipment before the shooting, so your flash want be switching off every minute and your battery in a remote will be able to actually trigger something…
  • Put your bags as far as possible from the scene, the flour is nasty and it will get everywhere…