30 crazy things while under 30

What is this about?

Well I am turning 30 soon and I wanted to do something crazy before that… step out of my comfort zone a little bit. So I asked my friends to make a list of interesting/crazy things I should do…


It seems the first thing should have been „get new friends“ 😀

But hey, experience doesn’t have to be good it’s enough if it’s intensive.


I am not going to do everything on the list, something is just plain stupid, something is not possible to manage before my 30th birthday and something is against all my principles 🙂

When you are here, add something to the list. I will try to create a video from all the accomplishments.


You can join me in doing crazy stuff while under 30 (#crazy30under30) if you dare 🙂


30 crazy things to do while under 30 years old
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