Flash and Flour

You know those times when you are bored, sitting in your appartment and doing nothing? It happened to me once, so I wrote different people if they are doing anything interesting… it turned out there were some, drinking few blocks from my place. How is it connected with the photos below? The model was the friend I was meeting that night and we finally agreed on photoshooting (after a year btw.). The very next day we went with her and her friend (a free assistant, hell yeah :-D) to a remote part of Brno where we could make mess with flour and we were shooting until the cold stopped us.

PS: I’ve learned two things:

  • You should check and prepare your equipment before the shooting, so your flash want be switching off every minute and your battery in a remote will be able to actually trigger something…
  • Put your bags as far as possible from the scene, the flour is nasty and it will get everywhere…


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